Poster Program


# Poster Title Author
P-1 Residue Management Effects on CO2 Loss Under Irrigated No-Till Corn Over Two Years Hanna Oleszak*
P-2 Do Legume Cover Crops Help Mineralize Soil Nitrogen?  Bee Chim
P-3 Mixing Wheat Seed with Fertilizer in the Drill: Seedling Injury and Wheat Response  Chris Weber*
P-4 Does Char Reduce Ammonia Volatilization by Slowing Urea Hydrolysis in Soil?  Dinesh Panday*
P-5 Predicting Crop Yield Losses Due to Soil-Water Salinity: Comparison of Traditional and Alternative Approaches Ansley Brown*
P-6 Nutrient Partitioning Changes in the Past 30 Years of Cotton Production Irish Lorraine B. Pabuayon*
P-7 Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer: Coated Urea Savannah Fahning*
P-8 Results from the First Year of On-Farm N Rate and Timing Studies Vaughn Reed*
P-9 Long-Term Forage Rotation Yields, Soil Water Use, and Profitability Johnathon Holman
P-10 Long-Term Crop Rotation Impact on Soil Properties and Crop Response Shannon Osborne
P-11 Soil Phosphorus Fractions After Long-Term Fertilizer Placement in Different Kansas Soils Marta Arruda Coelho
P-12 Changes in Soil Quality During the Transition from Irrigated to Dryland Cropping Systems Agustin Nunez*
P-13 Optimizing Irrigation and Fertilizer Management in Cotton to Increase Nitrogen Use Efficiency Amee Bumguardner*
P-14 Enhanced Efficiency Phosphorus Fertilizers Savannah Kobza*
P-15 Impact of Fertilizer Management on the Stratification of Soil Characteristics in No-Till. Joao Luis Bigatao Souza*
P-16 Long-Term Cover Crop and Annual Forage Effects on Soil Organic Carbon, Nitrogen Stocks, and Water Stable Aggregates in the Semiarid Central Great Plains Logan Simon*
P-17 Evaluation of Cation Exchange Resin as Indicator of In-Season Potassium Supply to Soybean Diego Charbonnier*
P-18 Evaluating the Trade-Offs of Cover Crops in Dryland Wheat Systems of the Colorado Plateau Lisa Eash*
P-19 Nitrogen Management in Conservation Systems to Increase Use Efficiency and Cotton Production Joseph Burke*
P-20 Impact of Post-Feekes 6 Nitrogen Application in Winter Wheat Forage Production Bronc Finch*
P-21 Investigating Relationships Between Haney H3A-4 And Conventional Soil Tests For Plant Nutrients in Kansas Soils Bryan Rutter*
P-22 Utilizing Long-Term Organic Amendments to Improve Soil Health in Semi-Arid, Grazed Grasslands Cassidy Buchanan*
P-23 Conservation Management and Nitrogen Fertilization to Enhance Soil Chemical and Biological Properties Mark McDonald*
P-24 Nitrogen Fertilizer Source and Tillage Impacts on Surface and Subsoil C Under Rainfed Corn Stuart Watts*
P-25 Tillage and Nitrogen Rates Influenced Wheat and Sorghum Productivity  Maysoon Mikha
P-26 Inter-Seeding Cover Crops Influence on Optimal Corn Nitrogen Rate in No-Till Jason Clark
P-27 Sulfur Uptake and Yield Response in Corn as Affected by Fertilizer Source and Rate Tyler Husa*
*Student Poster
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