CEU Credits Have Been Approved!


Great Plains Soil Fertility Conferece is pleased to announce that 7.5 CEU’s have been approved for credit in the following categories

Session 1 - Nutrient Management
1.5 CEU's
Session 2 - Soil and Water Management
1.5 CEU's
Session 3 - Nutrient Management
1.5 CEU's
Session 4 - Nutrient Management
1.5 CEU's
Session 5 - Soil and Water Management
1.5 CEU's

Oral Program

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
7:00 am Continental Breakfast and Registration  
8:00 am Welcome and Announcements Alan Schlegel
  Session 1 - N/Irrigation Moderator: Raj Khosla, Colorado State University
8:20 am Nitrogen Fertilization and Long-Term No-Tillage Impacts on Soil Properties and Deep Soil C Storage Under Irrigation Catherine E. Stewart
8:40 am Tillage and Nitrogen Management for Irrigated Sugar Beet Production in Eastern Montana Apurba Sutradhar (remote)
9:00 am Fall and Spring Residual Nitrate-N as Affected by Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Bijesh Maharjan
9:20 am Assessment of Long-Term Effects of Tillage and Nitrogen Management Practices on Irrigated Corn Yields and Nitrogen Use Efficiencies Jorge A. Delgado
9:40 am Questions  
9:50 am Break  
10:15 am Session 2 - Cover Crops and Nutrients Moderator: Alan Blaylock, Nutrien
10:20 am Soil Quality and Nitrogen Availability After Eight Years of a Mixed Cover Crop - Wheat Rotation Kristi D'Agati
10:40 am Nitrogen Availability Following Cover Crops in TX Cropping Systems Partson Mubvumba
11:00 am Phosphorus Fertilizer Management and Cover Crop Effects on Phosphorus Loss From No-Till Corn and Soybean Elliott Carver
11:20 am Long-Term Crop Rotation Diversity Effects on Soil C and N Marty Schmer
11:40 am Questions  
11:50 am Luncheon - Sponsorship Recognition, Leadership Award and History and Future of GPSFC Alan Schlegel
12:50 pm Poster in a Minute, Student Posters  
1:10 pm Poster Viewing and Judging Poster Authors
2:30 pm Break  
3:00 pm Session 3 - Soil Fertility Moderator: Augustine Obour, Kansas State University
3:05 pm Soil Acidification of Cultivated Fields in Semiarid Montana: Adaptation and Challenges to Remediation Rick Engel
3:25 pm Effect of Foliar Zinc Application on Spring Wheat Grain Yield and Quality Fatemeh Etemadi (remote)
3:45 pm Rate and Depth of Liquid P Fertilizer Placement Affects Root Architecture and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Associations in Grain Corn Jake Mowrer (unable to present)
4:05 pm Managing Nutrients in Beef Feedlot Manure - Lessons from a 45-year Field Study Xiying Hao (unable to present)
4:25 pm Questions  
4:30 pm Student Poster Awards  
5:00-6:30 pm Social Time - Poster Viewing and Cash Bar  
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
7:00 am Continental Breakfast  
7:55 am Session 4 - N Management Moderator: John Jones, Foundation for Agronomic Research
8:00 am Nitrogen Management in Dryland Winter Wheat to Improve Grain Yield and Protein  Deepak Ghimire
8:20 am N Dynamics in No-Till Crop Residues in the Northern Plains Larry Cihacek
8:40 am In-Furrow Placement of Dry Urea Products with Winter Wheat Lucas Haag
9:00 am Experiences in the Canadian Prairies with Enhanced Efficiency N Fertilizers for Winter and Spring Wheat Production Systems Brian Beres (remote)
9:20 am Questions  
9:30 am Break  
9:55 am Session 5 - Soil Management Moderator: Alan Schlegel, Kansas State University
10:00 am Assessment of Soil Testing as it Relates to Corn Ear Leaf Nutrition in the Midwest Robert Miller
10:20 am Forgiven not Forgotten: A Short History of Wind Erosion on the Canadian Prairies Frank Larney (remote)
10:40 am Strategic Tillage Effects on Crop Yield and Soil Properties and Dryland Crop Rotations Augustine Obour
11:00 am Observational and Modeling Methods to Inform Ecosystems Service Markets  Stephen J. Del Grosso
11:20 am Questions  
11:30 am Introduction of the 2022 GPSFC Chair, Wrap Up and Adjournment Alan Schlegel