Great Plains Soil Fertility Conference Student Poster Award

The poster session provided an opportunity for graduate students attending the Conference to showcase their research projects. Providing an opportunity for communication and outreach of soil fertility and agronomic research to one’s peers, professionals, and colleagues which is essential to the growth of students. A total of 21 student posters were presented at the Conference. The posters were scored by three judges according to five equaled weight criteria: 1) overall presentation including clarity of objectives and explanation of methods and results; 2) poster development including poster organization, correct spelling, and terminology; 3), poster appearance;  4) problem definition and approach including clear hypothesis, originality and appropriate statistical design and analysis; and 5) interpretation of findings including relevant conclusions supported by the results. Awards were given to  the top five scores.

2020 GPSFC Poster Award Winners

1st Place

Logan Simon

2nd Place

Lisa Eash

3rd Place

Irish Lorraine Pabuayon

3rd Place

Joao Luis Bigatao Souza

3rd Place

Joseph Burke